Guilty Necklaces - Elegant Necklaces for Elegant Ladies

Welcome to Guilty Necklaces, a unique range of sterling silver and gold necklaces with a wide range of styles and free delivery throughout the UK. The Guilty range of necklaces is designed to offer a modern and contemporary look for ladies that are searching for a complete look. The collection is designed to offer functionality but with style as the key focus point. The designs are collated to reflect the latest fashions in necklace wear, simplisitic, and stylish for ladies that want a necklace to enhance their look, day and night.

Quality and Design

The Guilty collection is designed to offer high quality necklaces at affordable prices with free delivery in the UK. The collections is entirely sourced in the UK and all of our necklaces are hallmarked in the UK, the quality of the metal is guaranteed. The designs reflect the aspirations of our clients and the different styles in demand. The simple heart shaped pendants follow a need for a beautiful gift whilst the locket collection is truly unique, allowing you to keep a loved one close to your heart.

Guilty Necklaces Packaging and Delivery

We understand that delievery and packaging are very important for our customers. All of our necklaces come in bespoke and branded boxes specifically designed for necklaces with padded and lined interiors so that your necklaces is kept in perfect condition when not being worn. All of our necklaces are sent by a signed for delivery, usually through the Royal Mail. This ensures that we can track your order and that it will arrive on time. Our orders are typically shipped within 24 hours of ordering during the week and on Monday mornings following weekend orders. The orders will virtually always arrive within 3 working days from the placement of the order, if you need it really fast, just let us know and we will try our best to get it to you quickly.

 Guilty Necklaces - About Us

Guilty Necklaces isn't about a large faceles corporation just interested in making money, it is about me, Jo Hall, trying to get a range of stunning necklaces for ladies that want to look nice and feel nice without breaking the bank. Our one and only priority is to provide our customers with necklaces that they will love, elegant, sophisticated and on trend. My key driever is to provide you with a stunning necklace at a great price and delivered to you quickly and all of my customers are treated with the respect that they deserve.

 Guilty Necklaces has evolved from the success of Guilty Bangles, one of the leading online retailers of sterling silver bangles in the UK. As our range of both bangles and necklaces has expanded, so has our service. Guilty now offers a range of custom engraved silver bangles and bangles in different sizes including small and extra small silver bangles and large and extra large wrist bangles as well as sterling silver bangle bracelets for men. Both of our collections are continuously growing, we are always adding more styles to our collections as we develop and grow, offering style, value and quality for our customers.

Jo Hall