The Guilty Range of Ladies Sterling Silver Necklaces

Guilty Necklaces is a new range of sterling silver necklaces and pendants for ladies that want a unique and elegant look. The collection is designed of offer a range of silver and gold neckalces for women that desire high quality necklaces to complement a chic and sophisticated style. All of the Guilty Necklaces range comes with free shipping in the UK that is secure and signed for. A perfect present for a woman, Guilty Necklaces are all packaged in bespoke necklace boxes with padding so that your necklaces arrives in perfect condition and will last forever. For more information on our sterling silver bangles range, please visit to see one of the largest ranges available.

Short, Medium and Long Silver Necklaces for Women

At Guilty Necklaces, one of the crucial elements for a woman that wants to buy a sterling silver necklace is the length of the chain. We have a large range of necklaces that are available with small, standard and long necklace chains for women that want to be individual. On many of our bespoke pendant necklaces, you will find a choice of options for 41, 46 and 51cm length chains with 51cm being perfect for long length ladies necklaces and all are in 925 sterling silver. 41cm chains are perfect for small ladies silver necklaces that sit tight to the neckline with the pendant being fully visible around the top of the neck. 51cm necklace chains and llonger are more suitable for ladies long silver necklaces and ourt collection is constantly growing in the longer length collection. The latest trend in silver necklaces is to have multiple different chain lengths with mix and match pendants. Our bespoke designs and lengths mean that you can order three different lengths of necklaces and one, two or three pendants.

Womens Silver Necklaces with Unusual Pendants

At Guilty Necklaces, we are building a wide range of unusual pendant necklaces for women that want something unique. We have a large range of pendants covering a wide range of prices including the Georgini range of very high quality cushion cut stone pendants and a range of beautiful pendants in a variety of designs. Our collection of sterling silver crucifix necklaces include crosses and ankhs in a range of designs and our heart pendant necklaces is always constantly growing. Stones are used as the primary feature in many of our pendants including Amethyst, Cubic Zircona CZ and Onyx as well as Marcasite, Peridots and pearl necklaces. There are also a range of very high quality glass and sterling silver memory locket necklaces that you can personalise with your own pictures of your loved ones.

Exquisite Designs and Pretty Pendants

Guilty Necklaces have included a range of sterling silver pendant necklaces that are styled with the modern woman in mind. We have a range that includes earth elements including flowers and sun pendants, as well as contemporary designs such as silver coils and blobs. Our pendant collection is chosen for their unusual designs, to offer an alternative to traditional high street ranges. From wishbone pendant necklaces to full collar necklaces, each piece has been chosen as it is elegant and designed to include fashion and style elements combined with the quality of sterling silver in a pendant.

Sterling Silver Baracelet, Bangle and Necklace Sets

Guilty Necklaces also have a growing range of solid sterling silver necklace and bracelet sets with matching pendants. From our beautiful heart necklace and bracelet set with a solid sterling silver heart pendant set on a high quality necklace chain to the new star set with a solid plain silver star. The range of sets is constantly growing with matching pendants. You can view more bangles and bracelets on our sister web site wher we have categories for a great range of products including bracelets and Guilty silver bangles. These rare for ladies and men in a range of sizes and we are now even starting to expand to include som new childrens products as well.